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The Program in Japan Studies is the first graduate school engaged in Japan studies among all of the national universities in Taiwan. Under the curriculum structure of the College of International Affair, the program belongs to regional studies area. It is composed by four office units, including the College of International Affairs, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Foreign Languages and the Institute of International Relations. Our courses and faculty are also supported by the professors of Japan studies from these four offices.

In the past, most of the Japan studies in Taiwan put emphasis on Japanese languages and Japanese literature. Studies on Japanese social sciences were often neglected. In view of this, with the assistance of Interchange Association and The Japan Foundation, National Chengchi University established the Program in Japan Studies under the College of International Affairs in 2011 academic year.

Our program mainly studies Japanese social sciences, and it is divided into two groups: Politics and Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Economy and Society of Japan. Our courses focus on basic academic trainings like Social Sciences Research and Japanese Politics and Economy. We also recognize the importance of knowledge trainings like Japanese politics, economy, society and foreign affairs. We aim to train students with Japan studies, and we encourage those interested in Japan studies and have the basis of Japanese or English to apply for our program.

國際事務學院課程領域架構:Curriculum design of the College of International Affairs

※國際公共事務:International public affairs

 外交系:Department of Diplomacy

 國際研究英語碩士學程:International Master's Program in International Studies

 戰略與國際事務碩士在職專班:Executive Master Program in Strategic and International Studies

※兩岸公共事務:Public affairs on both sides

 東亞研究所:Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies

 國家安全與大陸研究碩士在職專班:Executive Master Program in National Security and Mainland China Studies

※區域研究:Regional research

 俄羅斯研究所:Graduate Institute of Russian Studies

 日本研究碩士學位學程:NCCU Program in Japan Studies

Our Program has two major features:

    The first is that it combines theory and practice. The curriculum design of the Japan Studies involves both theoretical and practical aspects that can help students learn basic theoretical knowledge like research methods, while also learn some practical knowledge about Japan studies, enabling the students to understand how Japan actually works.

    The second feature is that the program comprises five core fields, including:

1. Common compulsory course

2. Japanese Politics and Laws

3. Japanese Economy and Society

4. Japanese History and Culture

5. Japanese Diplomatic Security

The design of our curriculum aims to help students research on the Japanese studies comprehensively from multiple angles, including analyzing from political, economic, societal and diplomatic perspectives.

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